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We are making changes to our listing of new items to have a drop-down menu for selecting options for colors. 

When a design of jewelry is available in multiple pearl colors, crystal colors, or stone colors we will group them all into one listing. Simply, choose colors you want from the drop down menu from one page. There's no need to click away to another page for other colors.

Why are we doing this? 

It would make discovering new designs easier by streamlining how new items are displayed on our front page. When you see a style of jewelry you like you would click into that item's page and see all available colors in one place. The "CHOOSE OPTIONS" button means that item is available in other colors. 

Once you made a color selection, if that color is in stock an "ADD TO CART" button will appear.

We hope this will make shopping on our website easier and more convenient. See more colors with fewer clicks!

Please do give us a comment below or contact us with your input if you have an opinion on this matter.  Do you prefer shopping like this? Would you like us to update all listing to be this way? Do you hate this and do not want this feature? Go ahead and let us know.

We greatly appreciate and welcome your comment!

Thank you!


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